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Top 100 Things to do in Queensland Australia

What to do in Queensland?

Top 100 Things to do in Queensland

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Queensland is arguably the most beautiful and diverse state in Australia. It is a great place to visit no matter where you go.  All about Queensland you will find many wonderful things to do – we have just listed the top 100.

What did you do in Queensland?

If there is anything about Queensland that is not on our ‘list’ that should be please let us know.

Far North Queensland is better?

Where did you get that idea? Better is really what grabs you so don’t put too much stock on the numbers, it’s a bit of fun. All 100 things to do are great (really sorry Brisbane).

How did you decide on the rankings?

The rankings are purely subjective, for example, some believe the Gold Coast is the best Queensland has to offer and return year after year. However some international travelers may feel they have ‘been there and done that’ and are looking for something a little different.

Fraser Island is unique but then again, if you live in a desert Fraser Island might not have quite the same appeal for you.

Byron Bay in not in Queensland!

Byron Bay is a special place well worth visiting and only an hour south of the border. Queensland will one day lay claim to it so we are just ahead of our time.

Rankings will change

Queensland100 is new and still growing up so rankings will change. Queensland100’s older sister, Sydney100.com, certainly has. I was, recently approached to raise the ranking of one item, albeit by a vested interest. I visited and had a good day but they fell a few places. On the balance, the appeal of the alternatives was just too strong.

Now that is just one city, imagine how hard this is for a whole state, particular a state the size of Queensland. So if you like the look of Wiepa – go, you’ll have a great time It is all good, just different bites of a big juicy slice of paradise. We will listen to any opinion you have and may even act upon it.


I’ve made a few, but then again, too few for you to mention(?) Unlikely. Tell Queensland100 and We Will fix it.

No Chance

We accept that the probability of everybody agreeing with us is next to nil. The chances of even one person agreeing in total is almost as slight.


There are no absolutes to Queensland100, all we hope for is to generate ideas and provide some options for both tourists, locals and travelers alike.

About Queensland

The sad reality for most of us is we have to make choices. We do not have bottomless pockets or sufficient time to fully enjoy, explore and experience everything a state the size of Queensland has to offer.

About Queensland 100

We all want to make the best choices we can. Queensland100 simple aim to help in deciding what things to do whilst you are in and about Queensland.

What to do?

What we can be fairly sure of is that you will have fabulous time regardless of what you do. Queensland is a great place to visit – we hope you enjoy every minute of it.

Tread Lightly

One last thing about Queensland, it is an exceptionally exceptional place of which Queenslanders are exceptionally proud. If any state were to seek independence from the rest of Australia it would be this lot. Please leave Queensland in at least as good a shape as you found it. You will probably want to come back.

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