Bloomfield Track

Bloomfield Track and Falls

The Coast Road and Bloomfield Track – Cairns to Cooktown

The Coast Road runs from Cairns to Cooktown through the pristine Daintree rainforest. As drives go the Coast Road is off the scale. You can look forward to river crossings and picturesque waterways, magnificent beaches and rugged mountains. You can also look forward to getting stuck if you don’t have a 4WD. The bitumen ends at Cape Tribulation.

These are just some of the attractions your will experience on route:

  • Bloomfield Falls and Track

    • Bloomfield Falls is a place of particular cultural significance to the Kuku Yalanji people.
  • Bloomfield Track

    • Bloomfield Track was built to connect Bloomfield to Cape Tribulation. It was the scene of a major confrontation between conservationists and developers in the 1980’s. Much tree hugging and chain saw yielding.
  • Woobadda Creek and South Cowie Beach

    • Woobadda Creek has a swimming hole upstream and the beautiful and remote South Cowie Beach.
  • Emmagen Creek

    • Emmagen Creek is a popular, beautiful and a great photo stop. Take the track upstream on the south side of the creek for swimming holes.

Cape Tribulation Beach and Daintree Coast, River and Rainforest

• Cape Tribulation Beach is the ultimate ‘where rainforest meets the reef’ tropical beach.
• Daintree Rainforest via the Dubuji boardwalk.
• Swim in Myall Creek.
• Thornton Beach.
• Cow Bay – home to the Croodillus Hostel.
• Daintree Discovery Centre boardwalks, Aerial Walkway and Canopy Tower to get a birds view of the Daintree.
• Daintree River car ferry – there is no bridge, just crocs.

Bloomfield Track, North of Cape Tribulation

The Bloomfield Track is a 4WD dirt track through the Daintree Rainforest. The track traverses several creeks and river crossings including some steep climbs and descents.

The Bloomfield Track

The Bloomfield Track is many kilometres of rugged terrain and magnificent scenery in a remote wilderness region.

Bloomfield River

The track runs unsurprisingly to the Bloomfield River through to Wujal Wujal and Bloomfield. You can continue on to the unspoilt and pleasingly under-developed Cooktown.


It is possible to self 4WD but driving a vehicle in rough terrain takes a great deal of attention. You risk missing out on experiencing the surrounding scenery or getting stuck. If you do get into trouble you may become over familiar with just one small section of the track. Let someone else drive.

Bloomfield Rainforest

Sometimes the picture just speaks for itself.

Bloomfield Track RainforestBloomfield Rainforest

Bloomfield Rainforest, Daintree Explorer

Departing your city hotel you travel through the sugar cane and pineapple plantations toward the Daintree River. From there you can join in a personalised river cruise.

Daintree River Cruise

The cruise takes you through areas where crocodiles can normally be seen basking on the muddy banks. You even see a snake. Hopefully not onboard. 🙂

Enjoy a home prepared morning tea whilst cruising the placid waters before returning to cross the river by barge.

Daintree Rainforest and Cape Tribulation

You enter the Daintree Rainforest making your way to Cape Tribulation you stroll through the rainforest to the shores of the Coral Sea. From here you can view the bay against the backdrop of the dense Rainforest.

Bloomfield Track

Enjoy a delicious lunch under the canopy of the forest before traveling into 4WD country along the Bloomfield Track to Woobadda creek. Return along the track taking a stroll deep into the rainforest.

For more on about the Bloomfield Track follow this link.

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