Quad Biking in Queensland Australia

Quad Biking in Queensland Australia

What to do in Queensland?

Top 35 Things to do in Queensland

31 (9) For a change of pace and scenery go for a Quad Bike Ride! ATV Riding at Kuranda, North Queensland

The top 35 kicks off with Quad Biking in Queensland. Fun, thrills but hopefully no spills as these are powerful little machines. Just be careful and please listen to the safety brief. A Quad Bike (ATV) can cause some serious damage if not handled with care.

Quad Biking in Queensland Kuranda - Top 35 things to do in Queensland

Quad Biking in Queensland -Kuranda

Below you’ll find a link to a friendly crew of fun quad bike experts who will take you for a ride through the muddy countryside. For anyone who knows of or has been on the Mud Run this experience is nothing like it….lush tropical rainforest, creeks, mud and laughter. Suitable for everybody just about, they will pick you up, shake you about and then drop you off. Check out the guys website and give them a call.



32 (51) See Wild Dolphins – Moreton Bay

Wild Dolphins

If Quad Biking in Queensland isn’t for you how about something a little wilder. There are many way to see and interact with Queensland’s wildlife. One of the best is in the company of an expert. Join marine naturalists on a cruise to explore the blue waters of Moreton Island.  Not only will you learn about the local captivating Dolphins but also Dugongs, Turtles and much more.

Follow the link below for more information about Wild Dolphins and other cruises in the area.

Wild Dolphins


33 (-) Daintree Walkabout Adventure

How is your spear throwing coming along? Need a bit of practice? Learn new skills and much more as part of an Aboriginal Cultural experience that will take you back in time to when the land and its people were at peace with each other. You’ll be given the opportunity to taste real Aussie bush tucker and meet a few locals both animal and aquatic. You will also visit beautiful waterfalls, see ancient rainforest and swim in freshwater streams.

Great Southern Land

We recommend having a go at learning a few Aboriginal phrases for use when you get home. No one will understand you but you’ll get their attention!?

Daintree Walkabout


34 (76) Airlie Beach, Whitsundays

Airlie Beach, the gateway to the Whitsundays, an overused phase (sorry, I won’t do it again). Apart from being a great base (not much better) to explore the Whitsundays, Airlie Beach has that holiday, relaxed tropical feel that can act like fly paper to over stressed city folk.

Suddenly you find the motivation to change careers, and in some cases, change your entire life. So be warned. Also remember there are such things as the rainy season and the occasional cyclone if you choose to live up here. Personally, I think it is part of the attraction but don’t listen to people like me.

Abel Point Airlie Beach Marina

Back to ‘work’, from the road above Abel Point Marina you can enjoy expansive views of the indented coastline, the aquamarine sea and the glimpse of distant tropical Whitsunday islands on the horizon.

Airlie lagoon

Landscaped parkland and village streets overlooking the bay fringe the vast Airlie lagoon.

Airlie Beach market

Airlie Beach market takes over the foreshore parkland every Saturday. You can stock up on your fruit and veggies, pick up a gift or two or people watch under the shade of a coconut palm.

At night there is a range of places to go and be seen in but don’t forget the early start. If you want to rest do it on a boat or the beach. Don’t waste valuable holiday time in bed, at least, not on your own.

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For more on Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays in general just click this link


35 (70) Be absorbed by a Zorb on the Gold Coast

Zorb (globe-riding, sphereing, orbing)Zorbing (globe-riding, sphering, orbing)

I’m sorry but you have to try something a little different – you are on holiday and you are up to the top 35 things to do in Queensland!

Zorbing Experience

Challenge your senses and roll over the edge of our custom-built slalom or downhill. You jump inside it. It rolls and so do you!

Zorb Australia

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