The Great Barrier Reef Queensland

Great Barrier Reef Queensland, Australia

What to do on Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia

Ranked the number 1 thing to do  – The Great Barrier Reef Queensland

Daintree Coast Great Barrier Reef Queensland

The Great and the Beautiful Great Barrier Reef Queensland

One of the great wonders of the world for its size (2,000 km in length) and splendour the Great Barrier Reef awaits you just off the Queensland coast.

How to see the Great Barrier Reef

You have to get under Down-Under to really experience the Reef, close up and personal. That said, snorkeling is easy, great fun and allows you to really relax and enjoy yourself. Do both is my advice.

I can’t swim – so sink into the Great Barrier Reef

You don’t have to be a good swimmer to see the Great Barrier Reef but you do have to experience it somehow. Poor swimmers make the best first time divers, they know how to sink and don’t wonder off on their own. I sank, floated, then smiled but not too much as smiling can let the water into your mask.

I can’t swim – so snorkel over the Great Barrier Reef

Borrow some flippers, a mask, an understanding friend or relative and get yourself down to your local swimming pool. If you feel a little foolish don’t. Just remember why you are doing it and what awaits you at the end of it all. Take lessons if you need to build your confidence.

I said I can’t swim stupid !

If you really don’t want to get wet there is nothing wrong with a the glass bottom boat.

Stay calm

Ideally you would want to be in the water on a calm day – improves the visibility and soothes the mind, although if you are diving it makes less of a difference.

Avoid the Crowds

Avoid selecting tours purely on price unless you have no choice or like sharing a lot with a lot.

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