Things to do on the Gold Coast

Things to do on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia

The Gold Coast has everything all conveniently located. If you run out of things to do on the Gold Coast then you are probably in the wrong place to begin with or its time to donate your body to science. Below you will find some of the things to do in, or relatively close to, the fabulous Gold Coast.

Humpback Whale Australia

Man in a Whale Suit 🙂

  • Have a whale of a time! Hopefully the Humpbacks don’t actually make it onto the Gold Coast but do seem to regard this place as somewhere to be seen.
  • Purlingbrook Falls – Purlingbrook Falls rarely stops falling and it rains frequently in the area, which you imagine must help a bit. It is a 6 kilometre walk to get there and back commencing from the car park and returning via the Warringa Pool.
  • Get over the wilderness – See the tall buildings and tall forests with the hills and mountains rising up from the ground to meet you. Get up and see what’s down.
  • Jet Boating on the Gold Coast – Jet Boating gives you all the sights from off-shore – very quickly. 🙂
  • Gold Coast Party – The Gold Coast has many clubs and bars of all types and for all ages. Welcome to Australia’s biggest party town.
  • Gold Coast Hinterland & Bushwalking – If you are more of a morning person than a night owl there’s plenty for you to do as well. The Gold Coast is surrounded by beautiful countryside. Why not plan at least one break from the beach and experience it.
  • Bellingham Maze – It is easy to feel a bit lost around these parts but if you are struggling visit the Bellingham Maze. 🙂
  • Visit Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary – Home to over 1,400 birds, reptiles and mammals.
  • Be absorbed by a Zorb – How can you not do this. You have to do a silly thing whilst on holiday it is the rules. This scores highly.
  • Chill by Sail – Soak up the local sights in style.
  • Football – The Gold Coast Titans play in the National Rugby League Competition. Fun and potentially exciting way to spend a couple of hours.

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