Cape York Australia

Thing to do and see in Cape York Australia

Far North Queensland in Australia

Cape York otherwise known as ‘The Tip’

A trip to Cape York is the trip of a lifetime. To do this safely you will need to plan and remember to bring a fair amount of gear. Please make sure you don’t forget your camera and the capacity to take endless pictures.

Cape York AustraliaCape York, Real Queensland

Subject to weather and other conditions you can look forward to:

  • Daintree Coast To Cape Tribulation
  • Bloomfield Track
  • Cedar Bay
  • Black Mountain
  • Aboriginal rock art
  • Lakefield National Park
  • Coen
  • Twin Falls
  • Cape York!

Undarra Lava Tubes  Cape York Australia Undara Lava Tubes, Gulf Region, Far North Queensland

The  Undara Lava Tubes are an ancient natural monument to a different time. A walk through the tubes is like a journey to a completely different Australia. A continent born of heat and flame. As well as this geological wonder you may discover a rich abundance of wildlife and a warm, friendly country welcome.

Chillagoe Limestone Caves

Only a few of the Chillagoe Limestone Caves are open to the public. The ones that are well worth seeing. You should also visit the historic copper smelter ruins. From a population of around 10,000 only 150 remain. Find out what happened to the missing hoards of Chillagoe. As a clue they didn’t all disappear underground.

Cobbold Gorge

The Cobbold Gorge is incredibly narrow yet has spectacular 30 metre cliffs on either side.

Millstream Falls

Big Millstream Falls is reputedly the widest single-drop waterfall in Australia. You might even see a Platypus in the pool at the falls base.

Lakefield National Park

Lakefield National Park boasts an array of strange landscapes in the wilderness. Almost an off world experience. Just watch out for the crocodiles.

Lake Barrine

Lake Barrine is a magical place for all to enjoy. Lake Barrine is one of the top tourist attractions in Tropical North Queensland, It’s a six kilometres stroll around the lake’s edge. Nearby you’ll find the 1,100-year-old Twin Kauri Pines.

The Black Mountain National Park

The Black Mountain National Park is an intriguing landscape you can view on the way to Cooktown. Please don’t try anything too adventurous as people have died trying to find a way through the Black Mountain’s giant boulders.

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