Top 5 Things to do in Queensland

Top 5 Things to do in Queensland

What to do in Queensland?

The best Queensland attractions, sights and sightseeing including the Daintree Rainforest and Whitsunday Islands

1 (-) The Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

Great Barrier Reef Australia

The Great and the Beautiful Great Barrier Reef in Queensland

One of the great wonders of the world for its size (2,000 km in length) and splendour the Great Barrier Reef awaits you just off the Queensland coast.

How to see the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

You have to get under Down-Under to really experience the Reef, close up and personal. Snorkelling is easy, great fun and allows you to really relax and enjoy yourself. The reef tops the list of the top 5 things to do in Queensland.

Great Barrier Reef


2 (-) The Daintree Coast / Cape Tribulation, Far North Queensland

Cape Trib AustraliaCape Tribulation, Far North Queensland

Where the rainforest meets the reef. To merely say this place is beautiful is an understatement, an injustice to the Cape Tribulation and all its friends and relatives.

There is a special tranquillity about the Daintree that pictures and words cannot describe. You have to spend a little time in the Daintree to fully appreciate its magical appeal. But if you don’t have that luxury consider a day tour

Cairns and Tropical Far North Queensland


3 (-) The Daintree Rainforest, Far North Queensland

The Daintree Rainforest is home to the largest range of plants and animals on earth, within the largest rainforest in Australia. The Daintree is one of the most diverse and beautiful examples of Mother Nature on the planet.

This 1,200 square kilometres of World Heritage Listed rainforest contains the highest number of plant and animal species that are rare, or threatened with extinction, anywhere in the world. This includes 13 bird species that are found nowhere else in the world. The Daintree Rainforest is a unique treasure. This will be no ordinary walk in the woods.

Cairns and Tropical Far North Queensland


4(5) Horse Riding In Far North Queensland

Ride through the Daintree Rainforest into the Coral Sea

Daintree Rainforest Horse Riding Tropical Far North QueenslandDaintree Horse Power, Ride Your Pony Through The Rainforest

Saddle up for a ride through the Daintree Rainforest and into the sea. Ride through the 110 million year old Daintree rainforest and clear mountain streams. This is an amazing experience and extremely relaxing. The horses are used to people like me who have no riding ability and despite a brief canter that seemed like a gallop the ride is relaxed and gives you chance to see a lot more than you would on foot. It’s also a lot less of a sweat. Highly recommended although you will use muscles you didn’t know you had so don’t plan to do too much the following day unless you are used to riding.

Times: 8am & 1pm
Length of tour: 4hrs (2.5hrs on horseback)
Phone: 1800 111 124

There are other options further south. Follow the link below for more information:

Rainforest Horse Riding in Tropical Far North Queensland


5 (6) Whitsundays – Gorgeous by Another Name, Far North Queensland

Captain James Cook passed through Whitsunday passage On Sunday 4th June which happened to be Whit Sunday. He had said ‘my God this place is gorgeous’ but the name was never officially adopted. 🙂

There are over seventy Whitsunday Beautiful Tropical Islands

The Whitsundays consists of 74 tropical islands clustered around the coast some 1,140 km north of Brisbane and 640 km south of Cairns. Collectively known as the Whitsundays only eight of the islands are inhabited, most of the islands are National Parks and all of them are fantastic.


This is just the top 5 things to do in Queensland. There is still another 95 to go. Please follow the link below to take you to the ‘Top 10’.

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