Queensland Australia Things To Do

 Queensland Australia Things to do

Atherton Tablelands Waterfalls to Queensland’s Gold Coast Ballooning

What to do in Queensland?

61 (89) Millstream Falls (Atherton Tablelands)

Big Millstream Falls is reputedly the widest single-drop waterfall in Australia. Whilst, by definition, smaller than its larger brother Little Millstream Falls is no less beautiful for its size and is well worth seeing. These are just a couple of the many wonderful Queensland Australia things to do.

On Foot

The two circular tracks at Millstream Falls National Park conveniently commence from the car park. Watch out for Platypus in the pool at the falls base.

Millstream Falls


62 (38) Touring North Queensland by Car

If you spend too much time examining other people’s bumper bars this could be for you. There is much to see and experience by touring Queensland by car. You might even be pleased to see another vehicle:

Touring North Queensland by Car


63 (50) Tanawha Tourist Drive and the Bellingham Maze

Queensland Australia Things to do - Bellingham Maze Bellingham Maze

Be amazed by the Bellingham maze. An amazing maze of maize would be better if only it was possible. This is a fun thing to do for all.

Bellingham Maze entry and Devonshire tea for 2 people

The Bellingham Maze is a surprise that awaits you. A challenging hedge maze, brain teasing puzzles, delicious Devonshire Teas, mini tile mazes, huge walk through the aviary. Take the family to “get lost” in this living hedge maze with 2 metre high rows of fragrant cypress pine hedges.

First you negotiate the magic waterfall at the entrance to the attraction, once you get through without getting wet, make your way through sub-tropical rainforest pathways to the teahouse.

There you’ll be warmly welcomed by the lovely staff, and promptly told to “Get Lost” (politely of course) in the hedge maze that is!

The idea is to find your way through the pathways amongst the hedges until you find the fountain in the middle of the maze.

Sometimes you can hear it, sometimes you get a glimpse of it, but can you find it? Usually takes about 20 minutes to find your way to the fountain and then find your way back out again. When you do find your way out, you can climb the steps to the timber deck and laugh at everyone who is still lost in the maze!

Try the brain teasing puzzles on all the tables in the Tea House and maybe purchase one to take home with you. Have a go at the mini tile mazes, designed by world maze designer Adrian Fisher.

Then, when you feel sufficiently challenged, you can take the relaxing rainforest walk to the huge walk-through aviary and enjoy all the lovely birds.

The Bellingham Maze will appeal to all age groups, from young families, honeymooners, to the young at heart – seniors, retirees and groups. Bring a picnic lunch or treat yourself to Devonshire tea or great coffee.

Easy to find along the Tanawha Tourist Drive.

Bellingham Maze


64 (44) Atherton Tablelands

Southern TablelandsAtherton Tablelands

A drive or a tour through the Atherton Tablelands can make for a welcome change of scenery and a break from the beach. It is a very pleasant way to spend the day.

Millaa Millaa Falls / Waterfalls Circuit

Millaa Millaa Falls Queensland Australia

Millaa Millaa Falls is the main attraction of the Waterfalls Circuit. The magnificent waterfalls are surrounded by lush rainforest. The falls cascade perfectly into a pristine waterhole below. Swimming in the cool water is highly recommended.

Millaa Millaa Falls Picture Perfect

Millaa Millaa Falls is one of the most photographed waterfalls in Australia. It is almost like a picture perfect fairy tale. A grassy picnic area near to the falls is an excellent spot to relax and ‘soak up’ the sight.

Atherton Tablelands


65 (80) Lake Barrine

The magnificent Lake Barrine with its multitude of plants and animals and surrounding rainforest is a magical place for all to enjoy. Borne out of violence from an ancient volcano Lake Barrine has been one of the top tourist attractions of Tropical North Queensland for as long as people could reach it.

Lake Barrine is an excellent place to go swimming and or to stop for a picnic. Alternatively you could splash out in a restaurant nestled on the shoreline. Great views beckon from open-air balconies and glass-enclosed tearooms.

You can see more of the wildlife from the cruises that run four times a day around the perimeter of the lake.

A short walk away is the 1,100-year-old Twin Kauri Pines. A longer walk of approximately six kilometres will take you around the lake’s edge.

Lake Barrine


66 (78) The Black Mountain National Park

The Black Mountain National Park is an intriguing landscape of massive, granite boulder hills about 470m high and stained black by algae. The park is home to some unique Australian wildlife including the rare Godmans Rock-Wallaby and threatened Ghost Bats.

The Black Mountain National Park is the source of many myths including the existence of a hidden path under the mountain. Many have died exploring this particular idea so don’t try searching for it.

There are signs in the car park that explains some of the history and provides information on the local wildlife. The Black Mountain National Park is roughly 30 kilometres south of Cooktown.

The Black Mountain National Park


67 (44) Queensland Australia Things to do  – Have a Night Out!

What to do on a hot Queensland night? Had fun in the day but there is more to do than that? Do you just retreat to the pool and/or bar then go to bed? Live a little!

Daintree night

A must if you intend staying in the Daintree is to see what stirs at night. Just remember the insect repellent so it’s not also what bites at night.

Whilst a guide will know of the good spots to visit there are no guarantees of seeing much beyond a Cane Toad. But you never know. Experience the sense, smell and vibe of the forest. The Daintree feels very alive at night even if you don’t necessary see it. We saw the red eyes of a croc look at us from the creek. Standing in the dark, staring at animal that could potentially take your life is an interesting experience.. 🙂

Jungle Adventure Nightwalks

Morning after a Big Night out in Daintree

Daintree Rainforest


68 (-) Mount Tamborine – Gold Coast

Mount Tamborine has many natural and man-made attractions to make it a great base for your stay. Follow link below for all the details and in particular check out Thunderbird Park for its popular ropes course and flying foxes.

Mount Tamborine


69 (69) The Gold Coast – Get Over Down Under

Been there done that? Maybe it’s time to get over it and see the whole of the Gold Coast from a different prospective. Suck it all in and see. Those high rises don’t look so high now! 🙂

Ballooning over the magnificent Gold Coast

Come feel the thrill and excitement of hot air ballooning. Float like a cloud as you witness the sunrise climbing over the unforgettable panorama of Surfers Paradise.

Watch the sun reflecting off the myriad of canals and waterways and view the surrounding forest-covered mountains of the Gold Coast Hinterland. This is one of the most spectacular flying areas in Australia.

As you are flying you will feel no wind because you have become the wind. This is the unique sensation of ballooning. You are being transported on an aerial nature walk by the worlds oldest and most romantic form of flight. Your flight won’t last forever but your memories will.

Gold Coast Queensland Australia Things to do in a Balloon 🙂


70 (-) Queensland Whales and Dolphins

Apart from the opportunity to see and interact with some of Nature’s most beautiful and intelligent creatures, Whale and Dolphin Watching off of the Queensland Coast allows you to experience Queensland’s majesty from off-shore.

Whale Watching

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