Townsville in Queensland

Townsville Far North Queensland Australia

Townsville is perhaps less of a tourist destination than Cairns. This is probably due to the absence of a large airport. The upside is of course that Townsville feels less like a tourist town. There is still much to do, but you may find you are doing with more locals than visitors. Below you will find some of the top things to do in and around the city of Townsville.

Things to do in and around Townsville


Townville is surrounded by beauty with Magnetic Island off of its shores and an attractive hinterland of tropical rainforests and spectacular waterfalls a short distance inland.


Townville itself is a cosmopolitan city with an array of cafes, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, shops and it even boasts a casino. For town of this size it posses a relatively friendly and relaxed population. The tropical atmosphere permeates the place and seemingly invites you stay a while. By all means do so but it gets even better further north so don’t get too comfortable.

Mission Beach

You will find Mission Beach roughly halfway between Cairns and Townsville. Close by, the Hinchinbrook Channel beckons. It is blessed with an abundance of wildlife and a wealth of natural beauty.

Mission Beach Kayaking Half Day Trip
Mission Beach near TownsvilleMission Beach

Reef HQ in Tropical Queensland

Reef HQ AcquariumReef HQ Aquarium

A visit to the huge Reef HQ Aquarium is as enjoyable as it is informative and it gives you a great opportunity to explore the reef without actually getting wet.

Football (Footy)

Cricket might be Australia’s national sport but football is the most watched week in and week out. A big difference is there are three main codes, soccer, Rugby League and Australian Football Rules. Watching the Cowboys play rugby league is probably one of the nicest places to watch rugby league in the world.

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