What to do in Queensland

What to do in Queensland?

Top 50 Things to do in Queensland Australia

Get a bird’s-eye view of the Gold Coast from the top of the Q Deck

46. What to do in Queensland? – Get on the Q Deck on the Gold Coast

What to do in Queensland - Q Deck on the Gold Coast See all of Gold Coast

If you are still unsure of what to do in Queensland you need to get on top of it. A visit to the Q Deck takes you to the highest point above the Gold Coast. From there you can enjoy stunning 360 degree views from the surf to the hinterland and beyond.

Q Deck – Tallest residential building in the world

Rising 230 meters into the sky the Q Deck is one of the tallest residential buildings in the world.

Q Deck – one of the fastest elevators in the world

More than just awesome views, your journey begins with a ride in one of the fastest elevators in the world, which will transport you from the ground floor to level 77 in just under 43 seconds! Once at the top take some time to explore the main observation level and soak up the panorama.

Views from Byron Bay to Brisbane

Enjoy coffee and cake or perhaps a cocktail at the stylish Skybar. Why not have a souvenir photo taken at Skyhigh Studios or get a closer look at the views from Byron Bay to Brisbane through the high-powered, coin operated telescopes.

Australia’s only beachside Observation Deck

The Q Deck, Australia’s only beachside Observation Deck, is a Gold Coast ‘must see’ attraction which offers a fantastic year round, all-weather family experience.

Q Deck


47 (86) What to do in Queensland? Visit Caboolture on the Sunshine Coast

Caboolture Shire is beautiful and diverse area in every sense with sandy beaches, stunning mountain ranges and charming country villages.

Pumicestone Passage

Caboolture’s key attraction is the Pumicestone Passage and the internationally recognised marine sanctuary off Bribie Island. It is home to an array of compelling species like dolphins, dugongs and turtles. Birbie Island also provides sanctuary to over 3o0 different species of birds.

Bribie Island

Bribie Island is an easy 20-minute drive from Caboolture and in itself is a popular tourist attraction. It is renown for excellent fishing, surf beaches and National Parks.

Caboolture Art and History

Other places of interest include the Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology at Caboolture which contains a vast collection of priceless antiques.

Caboolture has a collection of beautifully restored buildings. The nearby scenic areas of Woodford and Mount are worthy of a drive through or a picnic.

Glass House Mountains and Pumicestone Passage Marine Park

Glass House Mountains and Pumicestone Passage Marine Park Mountains, Wildlife and Scones!

A cruise or ferry  is a nice way to see the Glass House Mountains as well as the Pumicestone Passage Marine Park.  The marine park has 24 islands and is bounded by 240 kilometres of shoreline.


48 (28) What to do in Queensland? Experience Aboriginal Culture

Aboriginal Bama Way

Aboriginal cultural is often portrayed in a negative light in the media in Australia. The fact is they are far more in tune with the bush than most of us. Take the opportunity to get to know the real Australia, there’s much more to it than a few beaches.




49 (28) What to do in Queensland? Visit Cooktown

Cooktown Far North Queensland

Cooktown is my kinda chill out spot. I really did not want to leave and return to the ‘real world’. This is your chance to truly switch off and forget all the garbage of modern-day life.

Spend a night or two or ten at Pam’s place and get meet some travellers and hear a few stories. Cooktown is where the back packing ends and real travelling and Australia begins



50 (81) Noosa Everglades

Noosa EvergladesWhat to do in Queensland? Cruise the Noosa Everglades!

Cruise the precious Noosa River, Lakes and Everglades and experience the natural beauty of the fragile eco system in this unique and unspoilt wilderness. Wander through mangrove wetlands at the Kinaba Information Centre and meander through the unforgettable Everglades.

Queensland’s Everglades

The Everglades is a world of peace and tranquility and is best known for the beautiful mirror images in its dark tannin waters.


The river winds its way south behind the massive sand dunes of the North Shore. These dunes protect this natural wonder from the power of the Pacific Ocean allowing the wildlife to flourishes in the Noosa Everglades. Freshwater Australian Bass use the submerged logs as cover and goannas patrol the banks. The bird life, as you might expect, is simply stunning.

Timber Mills

Many of the first Timber Mills were located along the river’s edge. These locations often have cultural significance as they were used by the local Aboriginal people for ceremonial purposes.

Cruise Noosa Everglades

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