Cape Tribulation

Cape Tribulation (Cape Trib) Far North Queensland

What to do in Cape Tribulation, Queensland, Australia

The main thing to do is not very much. Try to take some time out in this remarkable area. Slow down, take it easy and rest a while. Memories you take with you will last you a lifetime but only if you allow yourself the time to really experience this incredible place.

The Daintree Coast and Cape Tribulation, Far North Queensland

Cape Tribulation Australia

Where the Rainforest meets the Reef

They say this is where the rainforest meets the reef . The only place you will ever find where two great World Heritage sites sitting beautifully side by side. In fact to merely say this place is beautiful is an understatement, an injustice to the Cape Tribulation and all its friends and relatives. 🙂 I will try to think of a better word next time I go.


There is a special tranquillity about the Daintree that pictures and words cannot describe. You have to spend some in the Daintree to really appreciate its magical appeal.

Largest range of Plants and Animals on Earth

The Daintree Rainforest is home to the largest range of plants and animals on earth, within the largest rainforest in Australia. It is one of the most diverse and beautiful examples of Mother Nature on the planet.

The Cassowary or ‘Big Chook’


One Big Chook

Along the Coasts Road bitumen component up to Cape Trib you’ll see speed humps. They are not for people but for the Cassowary has yet to evolve road sense. Cassowaries are endangered so please don’t make it worse. Slow down. If you want to see one get into the Daintree Forest with a local guide.

Alexandra Range Lookout – Daintree Coast

From Alexandra Range Lookout you can see green that spreads in all directions and greets the ocean along the coastline. You might even think this is where the rainforest meets the reef and you would be right.

The Coast Road

The Coast Road runs from Cairns to Cooktown through the pristine Daintree rainforest. It fulfils to romantic notion of driving around Australia. So rather than dodging semi-trailers and road trains why not just focus on the best bits.

Bloomfield Track

Sometimes the picture just speaks for itself.

Bloomfield Rainforest AustraliaBloomfield Rainforest

It is possible to self 4WD Bloomfield Track but you risk missing out on experiencing the surrounding scenery or getting yourself and passengers into trouble. Let someone else do the work.

For more about the Bloomfield Track


Cooktown is just up the road from Cape Trib. This is where Captain Cook came ashore to fix his boat. Cooktown is worth a visit not only for the history but more for the friendly relaxed nature of the place. If you are in a hurry grab a tour. If you can stay you may find it hard to leave.

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