Queensland Snakes, Spiders and Sharks

Queensland Snakes Spiders and Sharks

The cast of Australian Nasties!

Whether you live in Australia or are just visiting you know they are out there. Under rocks, under floors and under water. The underworld of Queensland Snakes, Spiders and Sharks is known and feared throughout the globe. Things that bite, nip and sting are out there just waiting to pounce. All they need is a victim. The graveyards of Australia are full of them…without wishing to offend – balderdash!

Excerpt from “Australian Snakes, Sharks and Spiders and what to do if you meet one” from Sydney100.com:

In Australia, only male Sydney Funnel Web Spiders and Redback Spiders have caused human deaths, but none have occurred since anti venoms were made available in 1981. Each year in Australia as many as 4,000 people are bitten. Of these 200 require anti venom treatment and one bite was fatal.

Deaths from Snake bites?

Less than eight. You should also bear in mind that some of the snake attacks would be of people who handle snakes, keep them as pets or otherwise live in close proximity to the beasties. In the extremely unlikely event you are bitten or witness someone else being bitten, do not try to attack the snake as it moves faster than you do and will probably have another go. More people die worrying about snakes (‘I think I saw a snake’, heartache –thud) than actually get bitten by them – just a thought.

Alien Abductions vs Queensland Snakes, Spiders and Sharks

There are few stats on this one but if you do get abducted at least let them know you are on holiday. There are no space tours that I’m aware of and potential for great photography should not be squandered.

Queensland snakes spiders and sharks doing bad things

What should you do if you witness the army of Queensland snakes spiders and sharks doing bad things? Pretty much the same as anywhere else so you’ll have to go to Sydney100.com to find out.

Spider Bites

Of the three nasties mentioned you are most likely to see a spider. A more recent study on Spider Bites had the following results:

Sample Size

Overall, there were 750 people with definite spider bites where the spiders were immediately collected and expertly identified.

Did they all die a horrible death?

Significant effects occurred in 44 bites including 37 Redback Spider bites with significant pain lasting for more than 24 hours. Of these only 6 required antivenom. One severe bite by an Australian Funnelweb Spider required antivenom.

Red Back Spider - Not common among Queensland Snakes, Spiders and SharksThe bad boy of the Spider World – The Evil Red Back Spider!


In conclusion to Queensland Snakes, Spiders and Sharks

Australian spider bite caused minor effects in most cases….


and in the rest, nobody died.

Take Care

Just as you look both ways crossing the road or take care driving your car (hopefully) so you should apply caution when in any environment you are unfamiliar with. That said, you are far more likely to come to harm from the crossing the road or driving than anything Queensland Snakes, Spiders and Sharks can dish out. So please don’t worry about the nasties and take care on the roads.

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